The Phonetics Interactive 3D models of oral visualization

The most beautiful learning tool designed for those who are learning the pronunciations of the English language.

interactive 3d models

It is developed with interactive 3d models of oral visualization and the up-to-date knowledge of the instructional theory on English listening.

simple explanations

The app offers simple explanations based on the knowledge of the English phonetics, most of which has been only known to the experts.

by native speakers

In addition, it provides users with speech sounds recorded by native speakers, along with the visual models of the oral movements and the breath flow uniquely developed with our computer graphics and speech processing techniques.


You can play 40 different phonemes observed in American English by touching the 3D simulation model of the oral structure on the screen. Along with the model, you can find step-by-step explanations on how to prononounce each phoneme on the bottom of the screen. You can switch the male speaker to the female speaker for the recording of speech sounds.

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